Liquid Seals on Flare / Vent Stack

Normally the liquid droplets in the flare/vent network are removed from the gas before entering the flare/vent stack using a flare knock out drum. A knock out drum (KOD) is essentially a two phase separator to remove liquid droplets entrained in the gas. Air Ingress

Condensate Knockout Pot Point Level Swtiches & Detection ...

Point Level detection in condensate knockout pots. Application. A major concern when dealing with the transmission of natural gas is the formation of condensate inside the pipeline. The compressors can only compress gas and the ingestion of liquid can cause substantial damage to the compressor.

Liquids In Compressor Suction

 · Liquids In Compressor Suction - posted in Industrial Professionals: I know it's inadvisable (or worse) to allow liquid droplets to enter into the suction of a compressor. However, I'd like to know just how bad is it, and how does your change depending on the compressor type?I understand that even a very small amount of carryover into a high speed centrifugal compressor can be catastrophic.


Manual Liquid Dump: IOM-161: inFlow ™ ACE: Crude Oil Sampler with AI Control ™ IOM-162: HDA: Heated Dehydration Assembly: IOM-163: LE-2SSKOAIHP: Probe Mounted Liquid Eliminator With AI Control™ High Pressure: IOM-164: LE-2SSKO with ALS: Probe-Mounted Liquid Elminator With Liquid Shut-Off: IOM-165: Plug & Purge ™ Automatic Purging System ...

what is the use of glycol filling in seal pot (or ...

what is the use of glycol filling in seal pot (or) condensate pot in instrument impluse line?.. Answer / dsyedjaffer Glycol used to portect electrions compounts ofthe transimeter.incase process variable is low density &pressure ie:white petrol

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Gas liquid separators Eaton's mission is to improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. We provide sustainable solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power – more safely, more efficiently and more reliably.


COMBINATION KNOCK-OUT POT/INLET FILTER MODELS KOP-U SERIES DESCRIPTION Busch knock-out pots are designed with low pressure drop for vacuum service and to provide a high degree of protection for your Busch vacuum pump. Removing liquids and solid particulate from the process gas dramatically reduces pump oil contamination, improves the operating

Flash Vaporization Design of Knock

The size of a vapor-liquid separator drum (or knock-out pot, or flash drum, or compressor suction drum) is dictated by the anticipated flow rate of vapor and liquid from the drum. In general, vapor velocity is the dominating factor in determination of the vessel diameter

Design of vapor

Design of vapor-liquid separator (knockout drum, flash drum) In Metric units: A vapor-liquid separator drum is a vertical vessel into which a liquid and vapor mixture (or a flashing liquid) is fed and wherein the liquid is separated by gravity, falls to the bottom of the vessel, and is withdrawn.

Flare and vent disposal systems

Knockout drums. RP 521, paragraph 5.4.2, provides detailed guidance for the design of knockout drums (also called relief drums or flare or vent scrubbers). All flare, vent, and relief systems must include a liquid knockout drum. The knockout drum removes any liquid droplets that carry over with the gas relief sent to the flare.

KO Drums

A vapour-liquid separator may also be referred to as a flare KO drum, flash drum, knock-out drum, knock-out pot, compressor suction drum or compressor inlet drum. When used to remove suspended water droplets from streams of air, a vapour-liquid separator is often called a demister.

Buy Dual Knock

The AIRTECH Dual Knock-out Pot / Inlet Filter is designed to protect your vacuum pump from liquid slugs and solid debris. Preventing entry of liquids and solid particulates into the pump will reduce pump oil / contamination, improves operating efficiency and prolongs the life of the pump.

Knockout Pots | Vapor Liquid Separators | Wintek Corporation

Knockout Pots or Vapor-Liquid Separators, prevent entrained droplets, liquids and particulates from reaching vacuum pumps and also other process equipment.Commonly used on extruder vents or downstream of vacuum condensers, Wintek inlet separators are designed for high efficiency but low pressure drop.Vapor liquid separation is achieved by several methods including velocity reduction ...


COMBINATION KNOCK-OUT POT/INLET FILTER MODELS KOP-U SERIES DESCRIPTION Busch knock-out pots are designed with low pressure drop for vacuum service and provide a high degree of protection for your Busch vacuum pump. Filtering out liquids and solid particulate from the process gas dramatically reduces pump oil

Gas/Liquid Separation Technology

liquid/liquid coalescer A broad range of innovative and high-performing products More than 200 of our products cover a wide range of needs in the field of separation and mixing technology. They have proven their performance in more than 100'000 columns, 50'000 gas/liquid or liquid/liquid separators and 100'000 static mixers in operations worldwide.

Shall We Have Knock

Purpose of knock out drum in flare line is to separate liquid droplets larger than 300-600 micro meter in diameter to avoid entrance of such droplets into flare stack/tip. In LPG flare line the knock out drum is usually being considered. For more detail please refer to API STD 521. Fallah Edited by fallah, 06 October 2011 - 02:02 AM.

Liquid Separator | US Vacuum Pumps

Liquid Separator Liquid Trap / Filter Combination Unit. U.S. Vacuum LIQUID SEPARATORS are excellent choices for applications where large slugs of liquids need to be prevented from entering the vacuum pump. ... Acts as Both Liquid Knock-out pot & Particulate filter ...

Knockout Drums and Liquid Seal Vessels | Aereon

When integrated into flare systems, knockout drums and liquid seal vessels remove liquids ahead of the flare, and effectively stop the spread of flames upstream of the flare respectively. ... Two such vessels are knockout drums and liquid seals. Knockout Drums. Whenever a process requires that entrained droplets be removed from a vapor stream ...

Vapor–liquid separator

A vapor–liquid separator is a device used in several industrial applications to separate a vapor–liquid mixture. A vapor–liquid separator may also be referred to as a flash drum, breakpot, knock-out drum or knock-out pot, compressor suction drum or compressor inlet drum.

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